Twisted Ribbon Tree

1 qty. 12” x 4” Styrofoam Cone #77603449
2 qty.* 10 yds. rolls of 1 1/2” Wired Holiday ribbon Greening Pins #77479485
Sharp scissors
Low Temp Glue Gun #77536417
Glue Sticks #77533638
Optional: Christmas Picks or small ornaments for added decoration, glass candlestick #30129586.

NOTE: Depending on how full you make your tree, you may use more or less ribbon than what is suggested in the supply list.

To start, measure and cut about 20 pieces of ribbon 8” long. Take one piece and fold in half, with the right side facing out. At the center, twist the ribbon twice so that the right side is showing outward. With the ends together, pin to the cone starting about 1” from the bottom. Continue twisting and pinning pieces of ribbon next to each other until you have gone completely around the cone.
Start the second row slightly above the first and pin the ribbon piece between two of the lower level. This creates a slight overlap. Continue pinning ribbon pieces around the tree and adding more layers on top.
Measure and cut more ribbon as needed. Depending on how full you make your tree, you may use more or less ribbon pieces.
When you get close to the last two rows at the top of the tree, cut the ribbon to 6” and use the glue gun to attach to the Styrofoam cone. For the last top row, cut the ribbon to 4” and glue onto the cone.
Make a small bow with about 6-8 loops and glue to the very top of the tree. Or you can glue a Christmas pick or small ornament for the tree topper.
You can also set the tree on top of a glass candlestick as a tree base.

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