Asian Bag

2/3 yd. of Printed Fabric (45” width)
Sewing Thread to match
1 ½ yds. of Rattail or similar cording
8 Pony Beads or similar
Sewing Machine
Sewing Pins
Small Safety Pin or Bodkin


Keeping the fabric folded, take one end of the folded edge and fold diagonally across to the selvage edge, making a large triangle. Trim fabric edges to match and create one large folded square of fabric. Note: Size may vary slightly depending on how straight your fabric edges are to start with.

Re- fold the fabric so that the printed side is on the inside. Pin the edges to keep them together. With the sewing machine, sew the pieces together along all four edges using a 5/8” seam, leaving a 4” opening. Through the opening, turn the fabric right-side out. Straighten the seam edges and shape the corners. Now, topstitch along all four edges about 1/8” from the edge. You will topstitch the opening closed at the same time.

Now take the square and place it on point in front of you (diamond shape). Take the left and right corners and fold to the middle, overlapping each other slightly (Fig. 1). The piece should be approximately 10” wide now. Spot pin the corners down. Fold the piece in half vertically to find the middle. Use pins or draw a light line across the folded corners. Sew a straight line across through all thicknesses (Fig. 2).

Turn the piece over so that the folded flaps are on the bottom. Fold the top and bottom triangle flaps up. Pin at the point to hold in place (Fig. 3).  Fold the piece vertically in half again, this time with the folded flaps on the outside. Pin the two sides together. Sew the sides together, starting at the bottom and ending at the top just before the fold of the pinned flaps (Fig. 4).

Turn the bag right side out. Remove the pins from the triangle flap. At the top folded edge of the two flaps, pin the folded edge down, making sure that it is straight end to end. Sew across the flaps about 3/8” in from the fold. This will form the drawstring casing (Fig. 5)

Take the rattail or cording and cut into two equal lengths. On one end, attach a safety pin or bodkin and use it to help feed the rattail through the casing (Fig. 6) Repeat on the other side. Slip two pony beads onto each of the ends of rattail and tie a knot to secure. Pull rattail close bag’s opening.

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