Beaded Lanyard

3 tubes of Beader’s Paradise Seed Bead Mixes
Glass Bead Mixes for accents
3 yds. of Stringing material (Nylon filament#77184721)*
Split Key ring
Jump rings

* Make sure that the stringing material can pass through the seed bead holes

The sample shown was made from:
Blue Moon Bead Mix – Pink #77683466
Beader’s Paradise Seed Bead Mixes Rose #30017981, Blizzard #30017974 and Rose Super #30017989
Fancy Split Key ring from Assorted Pack #77550277
Nylon Filament #77184721

Cut your stringing material into three pieces of one yard lengths.

Take one length of stringing material and tape one end down to prevent the beads from sliding off. Begin stringing one color of the seed bead mixes. You can make a distinct pattern or just randomly choose beads like in the sample. Keep stringing beads until you reach a desired length but leave at least four inches at each end. Tape this end and set beaded string aside. Repeat these steps with another length of string and another seed bead color mix.

When you have two beaded strings, twist these two lengths together loosely. Tape the ends together. Find the center on the length of beads. This is where you will start with your third string.

Option: You can attach your split key ring to the center of the length of string with a slipknot before you start adding beads or you can string all the beads and attach the key ring to the center with a jump ring. The sample slip knotted the string to the key ring first.

Match the center of the already beaded strings to the center of the third string. You will bead one side at a time starting from the center. Add about five to seven seed beads from the third seed bead color mix. Wrap around the other two strings. Add a larger glass bead. Try to position the larger glass bead on the top of the other beads. Continue adding seed beads, wrapping and adding a larger glass bead until you get to the end of the already strung beads. Repeat these steps for the other side of the third string, beginning form the center.

When all of the strings are beaded and wrapped together, take the ends of all of the string and knot together.  Make sure the knot is secure. Take the loose ends of the string and weave back into some of the beads to hide the ends. Cut off the excess strings.

You can use your lanyard to hold a badge/nametag or a small amount of keys.

Note: Do not hang to many heavy items from your lanyard; it may cause the split key ring to break off the beaded stings.

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