Ted E. Bear

7” x 9” Brown Felt
3” x2” Beige/Cream Felt
2 – 10mm Moving Eyes
¼” Black Pom Pom
½” Brown Pom Pom
4” of ¼” satin ribbon for bow
Low Temp glue gun and glue sticks

Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns. As indicated, cut out hole on one of the body pieces. This will be the body Front.

Place the paw pieces on the body Front, coming outward from the sides a little below the hole opening. Tack in place to the back of the body Front using a little glue. Place the body Back to the body Front and align edges. Glue the sides together, stopping about ½” from the bottom.

Open the body up, and place the bottom wedge piece in between the front and back, aligning the edges. Carefully glue the bottom wedge piece to the bottom edges of the body. Start by gluing one edge at a time. Position the feet below the body and glue in place. Glue the ½” brown pom pom to the back of the body for a tail. Set aside.

Glue the muzzle to the lower center of the bear’s face. Glue the eyes above the muzzle. Glue the nose below the eyes. Center and glue the tummy below the bear’s face, about ½” down. Make a bow with the ¼” ribbon and glue below the bear’s chin.

Position the bear’s head onto the body. Make sure the bear’s tummy covers the opening. Glue head in place.  To fill your bear with treats, lift the tummy flap and place treats in through the opening.

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