Cookie Bouquet

Decorated Cookies-on-a-Stick
6” Clay pot
Styrofoam or floral foam
Mylar Tissue or Cellophane
Curling ribbon, assorted colors
Glue gun & glue sticks
Optional: Pinto beans

Bake cookies in the Wilton Cookie pans according to the directions. Remember to add extra cookie dough around the Cookie stick area for reinforcement.

When cookies are cooled, decorate as desired using the Wilton Ready-to-Decorate Icing, Cake Sparkles and Sprinkles.

To assemble your cookie bouquet, get a clay flowerpot. Trim a piece of Styrofoam/floral foam to fit inside of the clay pot. Place in pot and secure with glue as necessary. Optional: To weight the pot down more, you may add some dried pinto beans in the pot.

Lay out a sheet of Mylar tissue or cellophane wrapping. Place the clay pot in the center. Pull up the wrapping and gather around the clay pot. Tie a length of curling ribbon around the pot to secure the wrap. Add a little glue to hold in place. Curl the ends of the ribbon. Add more ribbon curls as desired.

Add the cookies on a stick to the pot by pushing the sticks through the Styrofoam, arranging cookies as desired. (Be sure to hold on to the sticks, not cookies, when arranging.) Cut the sticks to achieve different heights in your arrangement. You may also individually wrap each cookie in a treat bag or other clear wrap and tie with curling ribbon around the stick at the base of the cookie.

Fill the top of the clay pot, around the cookie sticks with shreds and ribbon curls. Make sure you completely cover the Styrofoam. Add a gift tag and present your sweet cookie bouquet!

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