Dragonfly Button Pendant

Dragonfly Button – approx. 1 3/8” diameter
Beading thread – #30042929 or 77184739
Toho Beads size 11/round –color to match button
Seed Bead Mixes by Beader’s Paradise – colors to match button
2” x 2” Black felt #7767 6643
Sewing Needle
Black Sewing thread
1/4” Sheer ribbon – color to match button/beads
Beading Needle #77366997
Low temp Glue Gun & Glue sticks

Note: Sample was made using Lt. Blue Dragonfly button #30041616, TOHO Beads Metallic Purple #30022931 & Rainbow Grey#30022963, Beader’s Paradise Mixes Amethyst #30017990 & Midnight #30017983 and the 1/4” purple sheer ribbon #30004165

Trace and cut circle from black felt according to the pattern. Using the black sewing thread and sewing needle. Sew a running stitch around the edge of the felt circle. Pull thread tight to form a “yo yo.” Knot thread securely and cut off excess.

Flatten yo yo as best as you can. The gathered side of the yo yo will be the wrong side. Make a small snip in the middle of the circle so that the button shank can peek through. Place the gathered side of the yo yo onto the back of the button. Glue in place, letting the shank come through. This felt backing will be your base for beading.

Thread your beading needle with the beading thread. Knot the end securely. String a TOHO seed bead onto the thread. Pierce the needle in the edge of the felt to attach the seed bead. Come out of the felt and add another seed bead. Repeat these steps until you have the whole edge sewn with a line of seed beads. Knot thread securely when you are done.

Thread your needle again. Pierce the felt close to a seed bead and go through the seed bead. Now add about 9 seed beads, mixing the colors up. Go through the next seed bead, forming a beaded loop. Come out of the seed bead. Again add about 9 seed beads and go through the next seed bead. Repeat these steps until you go completely around the button. The button will have a loopy fringe around.

To make the bottom fringe – Find the bottom center of the fringe by looking at the right side of the button. Thread your needle and secure the knot in the felt. You will do similar steps, as the loopy fringe except you will create dangles.

It is easier to start from the middle and bead one side at a time to create an even layered fringe. After securing your knot, go through the middle seed bead, you will be sharing holes with loopy fringe. String about 20 seed beads. Add about 3 larger seed beads (E-beads).
Skipping the last bead, string your needle back up through the rest of the beads. The last bead will hold the beads together. When you reach the top, go through the next seed bead around the button. Repeat these steps and continue by decreasing the lengths of the dangles. Add as many dangles as you want. When you reach one end, start from the middle and work your way in the other direction, matching the lengths of the dangles.

You can also add another shorter layer of dangles in front if you wish. Securely knot all thread and trim off excess. Take a length of 1/4 ” ribbon and string through the button shank on the back. Tie a knot to the shank to secure. Tie ends of ribbon together and wear your pendant.

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