Memory Wire Ring

Memory Wire Ring #77184770
Seed Beads, color choice
Glass Beads for dangles (leaves, flowers, hearts, stars, etc.)
1½” Head Pins #30005974
Chain Nose pliers # 30024247
Round Nose Pliers #30024250
Flat Nose Pliers #30024249
Flush Cutters #30024251

Note: The sample was made using Blue Moon Beads Mini Mix in Light Green #30002865 and the leaves from Blue Moon Bead Mix Dark Green #77683219.

Take the memory wire ring and string the seed beads along the whole length leaving about 3/8″ at the end. Use the chain nose pliers to grasp the end of the wire. Carefully bend the end of the wire inwards into a small loop to hold the beads in place. The memory wire is very strong so you may need to hold the ring with the flat nose pliers as you do this.

Pick out the beads you want to have for your dangles. Take a head pin and place a seed bead on. Next, place your dangle bead onto the headpin. Next, you will attach the dangle to the pre-made loop on the memory wire ring using basic wire wrapping.

Grasp the head pin right above the top of the bead with the chain nose pliers. Bend the wire of the headpin away from you over the pliers at a 90° angle.

Switch to the round nose pliers. Wrap the wire up and over the pliers then straight down, resulting in a loop wrapped around the topside of the pliers. Remove the pliers and re-insert into the wire so that the loop is now around the bottom side of the pliers. Push the end of the wire away from you to complete the loop.

Using 2 pliers, grasp the loop and carefully make a small opening in the loop. Slip the dangle onto the pre-made loop of the memory wire ring. Close the dingle’s loop. Hold the dingle’s loop with the flat nose piers. Use the chain nose pliers to grasp the end of the wire. Wrap the end of the wire around 2 times, starting close to the loop. Cut off excess wire with the flush cutters.

Repeat with 2 more beads so that there is at least 3 bead dangles on the ring.

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