Stretchy Ring

8” of Jelly Cord (#5)
1 – Med. Size Bead for Center
Assorted Seed Beads

Slip the medium size bead onto the jelly cord. Place bead in the mid-point of the jelly cord. Take the 2 loose ends of the jelly cord and bring together. String the seed beads onto the double thickness of the jelly cord. Keep stringing seed beads until you have enough beads to go around the finger that you want to wear the ring on. The ring should fit on your finger snugly without stretchy the jelly cord too much.

When you have enough beads on, wrap the ends of the cord around the beginning cord under the larger center bead. Tie the jelly cord ends securely under the bead. Cut off excess jelly cord. The larger bead should hide the knot.

Experiment with different beads for the center focal bead of the rings. Create different rings and then make matching bracelets with the same beads!

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