Valentine’s Heart Earrings

Beadalon Quick Links in the Diamond Cut Heart #30090978 24 Gauge Wire
Ear Wire
3mm Crimp Covers
4mm Swarovski Bicones in 3 shades:
-Color A…12 pieces
-Color B…12 pieces
-Color C…2 pieces
Chain Nose Pliers
Mighty Crimper
*Wire Wrap skills are useful.

Take 14 inches of wire, in one hand, hold the heart and about 1 inch of wire from the end. Use your other hand to start wrapping the long end of the wire around the heart starting from the top dent moving to your right. Try to keep each wire wrap as close as possible to each other. Do about 4 wraps.

String on a Crystal (Color A) and place it on top of the heart right next to your last wrap. Holding the crystal in place, wrap the wire around the heart 2 times (See picture). Try to keep your wraps as close to the crystal as possible.

Repeat with another crystal in Color A.

Continue this process until you’ve wrapped 3 in Color A, then 3 in Color B, 1 in Color C (You should be at the point of the heart when you get to Color C), then 3 of Color B and 3 of Color A.

End your wrapping with 4 wraps. You should be to the left of the dent on the top of the heart.

Trim off the tails of the wires.

Use either chain nose pliers or a mighty crimper to cover the 4 wraps with a 3mm crimp cover, the opening of the crimp cover should be on the undecorated side of the heart because the crimp cover will not close all the way.

Attach a fish hook ear wire.

Repeat for the other earring.

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