Wire and Bead Photo/Note Holder

1 yd. 18 gauge wire (color of choice)
2 qty. 12” 26 gauge wire (same color of choice)
2 qty. large flower beads
2 qty. small flower beads
2 qty. 3mm crystal bicones
2 qty. leaf beads
2 qty. 6mm pearls
*you may use any type of beads to decorate your place setting.
Chain nose plier
Round nose plier
Wire cutter

Fold the 18 gauge in half and twist the ends of the wires together (twist as tight or loose as you want to). Trim both ends to create about a 12” length of twisted wire.

Use the round nose pliers to form a small loop at one end of the twisted wire. Continue to curl the wire by hand until you have a curl large enough to hold a photo or place card.

By hand, form a coiled base with the remainder of the twisted wire for the place setting to stand on. Make a small loop at the end of the wire with round nose pliers to finish off the sharp end.

With one of the 12” 26 gauge wires, make a small loop with the round nose plier, then form and curl the wire with the chain nose pliers to make a spiral design.

Wrap the thinner wire around the twisted wire a few times.

Thread a large flower bead, then a small flower bead, and then a bicone bead. Thread the wire back through the small flower bead and the large flower bead and wrap it around the twisted wire a few more times to anchor the beads.

Thread on a pearl then wrap the wire a few times again around the twisted wire.

Thread on a leaf bead then wrap the wire a few times again around the twisted wire.

Trim off all but about 2” of wire. Form a curl with the remaining wire with the round nose and chain nose plier.

Repeat with the second piece of 12” 26 gauge wire and the remaining beads.

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