Wire Crochet Bracelet

3 yards of 26 gauge wire – silver (#77186932)
60 – 80 assorted glass beads
Crochet Hook size F (#77607267)
7mm Lobster Claw Clasp or similar
Wire Cutter

• General crochet knowledge is needed for this project.
• These are the supplies for a 7” bracelet. You can lengthen the wire and add more beads to make the bracelet longer.
• If you use a different size crochet hook such as G – J, you will need to lengthen the wire.

Find the middle of the length of wire. Thread the “catch”end of the clasp to the middle of the wire and twist wire once to hold in place. Separate the ends of the wire. You will work with one side at a time. Take the crochet hook and chain 2 near the clasp to start. Thread a bead onto the wire and chain stitch the wire around the bead. Continue adding beads and chain stitching around the beads. Add beads until you reach a bracelet length to fit around your wrist, usually about 7”. Pull the wire all the way through on your last chain to secure the wire and bead.

Repeat these steps of chain stitching around the beads on the other wire length. Remember to pull the wire all the way through on your last chain stitch to secure the bead and wire.

Twist the two beaded lengths of wire together. Gather the loose ends of the wire and slip through the spring ring end of the clasp. Twist wire securely and cut off excess wire. Tuck in wire ends so that they will not scratch the person wearing the bracelet.

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