Faux Sugar Eggs


Designer: Lynn Kamitaki

One real egg (with opening on side to remove raw contents)
Hearty clay (white, red, yellow, green, and blue)
Ultra fine glitter (crystal and pastels) – Art Institute
Shimmerz Iridescent glue (Beedz) or white craft glue
527 household cement
Scissors (with non-stick blade for cutting clay)
Sculpey Flexible Push Mold (Grow a Garden and Baby I love You)
Non-stick clay rolling pin
Paint brush to apply glue
Tweezers or bamboo skewer

1. Dust the push molds with cornstarch if the clay is too sticky.
2. Form miniature animals by hand if you cannot find the appropriate molds.

1. Wash and dry eggshell. With small, sharp scissors cut the opening of the egg into an oval shape.

2. Using the paintbrush, coat the inside of the egg with glue. Pour some pastel blue (or color of your choice) glitter into egg and empty excess.

3. While glue is drying, form rabbit, chick, flowers and leaves in push molds using appropriate clay colors (mix in white to make pastels).

4. Before molded clay dries, sprinkle it with glitter. You can put the glitter on the clay before pressing it into the molds if you prefer.

5. Apply glue to the outside of the eggshell and coat with crystal glitter.

6. Make grass by forming green clay into thin ropes. Flatten the ropes with the rolling pin and use the scissors to cut blades of grass, leaving them joined. Bunch the grass into clumps and let them dry.

7. Use small pieces of pastel clay to make tiny eggs and roll them in glitter.

8. After everything is dry, glue a flower and two leaves to the outside of the egg and a rabbit or chick inside using 527 household cement and tweezers or a bamboo skewer to aid in placement. Add clumps of grass and flowers/tiny eggs to the interior scene.

9. Form a thin rope of pastel colored clay long enough to encircle the egg opening. Flatten the rope into a strip about 1/4″ wide and twist it to form a spiral piece.

10. Put white glue on the edge of the eggshell opening and gently press the spiral strip onto it, cutting and joining so that the seam is hidden. Sprinkle on some glitter and let it dry.

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