Happy Heart Pin

Hearty Clay – Red, Yellow, Blue, White
Hearty Clay Color Scale/Chart
Hearty Clay Scissors
Pin Back
Low Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Note: You can use the Hearty Clay Color Scale to measure the clay to make different colors or you can experiment with your own color combinations.

Directions for the Pink Heart
Measure 2 portions “E” of red Hearty Clay and 2 portions of “I” in white Hearty Clay. Mix clay together until it is blended into a bright pink color.

Roll clay into a ball and flatten slightly. Use the Hearty Clay scissors and cut a slit into the clay about one third to the center. Spread clay apart at the slit and shape clay into a large puffy heart. Set heart aside. Remember to keep it covered so that the clay doesn’t dry out while you’re working on the other components.

To make purple clay – Measure “C” of red & blue clay; measure “I” of white clay. Mix all 3 colors together.

To make bright blue clay – Measure “C” of yellow, “A” of Red, “F” of blue and “I” of white clay. Mix all colors together.

To make bright green clay – Measure “I” of yellow and “B” of blue clay. Mix both clays together.

You can also mix other colors together. After you make your different colors, you can form them into different shapes and designs to decorate the heart.

Dots – Roll clay into small balls and flatten.

Swirls – Roll clay into thin ropes and coil onto heart

Triangles – Roll clay flat and square off a section. Trim into small triangular shapes.

Remember that shapes will get bigger when you flatten then onto the heart. Be creative and decorate the heart as you happily desire! Let clay dry and glue pin back behind to wear as a pin.

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