Hearty Clay Heart Pin

Designer: Judy Ross

Hearty® Clay – Choice of Color
Mat and Roller in Kit (Item 1713)
Clay Scissors (Item 1581)
Clay Shaping Tool set/3 (Item 1579)
Acrylic paint – 3 Different Metallic Colors
Colored Leafing
Leafing Adhesive
1” Size Pin Bar Backing – Gold or Silver
Cosmetic Sponge – Wedge Style
Paper plate
E- 6000 glue

1. Use tacky glue at tips of toothpicks before inserting into clay.
2. Keep all clay in airtight zip lock bags so clay does not dry out.
3. Use water to smooth clay before it dries.
4. Use hand lotion (on hands) so clay does not stick to hands.

1. Roll small amount of clay to 1/16″ thickness.

2. Print this heart pattern and cut it out. Lay pattern onto clay and cut with scissors.

Print me!

3. Press thumbs into lobes of the heart to create some indentation. When doing this you will push some clay together to create a raised line coming down center.Smooth the wells and edges of the heart with the shaping tool.

4. You may let heart air dry (less than an hour) or you can paint immediately. Let paint dry before adding other colors. This will be very quick as acrylic paint is a fast drying paint.

5. If you haven’t let heart air dry, do so now. Remember to turn project over so both sides will dry evenly.

6. Apply leafing adhesive, let dry.

7. Apply leafing.

8. Glue pin bar onto backside.

Other ideas: Downsize the pattern and create earrings to accompany your pin. Use the project as the focal point of a card or use the hearts as an embellishment on a scrapbooking page or add the heart to a special box you have created.

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