Hearty Clay Bear

Hearty® Air Dry clay – Red (Item #1303)
Hearty® Air Dry clay – Yellow (Item #1301)
Hearty® Air Dry clay – Black (Item #1304)
(or your choice of colors)
Flower Shaping Tool, Set of 2 (Item #1580)
Feather Texture Brush (Item #4472
Tacky Glue
Optional: Cling Wrap or Resealable Plastic Bag



1. Form a ball of clay for bear’s head. Form a smaller ball for bear’s muzzle. Attach to head.

2. Moisten fingers and smooth the clay.

3. Use the end of tool to create holes for eyes and nose.

4. Add small black balls of clay for eyes and nose.

5. Make 2 ears from clay, pinch the base to add dimension. Attach to head.

6. Form body with clay.

7. Shape body into a pear shape.

8. Insert toothpick to the top of the body.

9. Make 2 arms and 2 legs from clay.

10. Attach the legs to the body.

11. Attach the arms to the body.

12. Roll a small ball of clay and attach to bear’s back for the tail.

13. To make fur: fluff bear using the straight texture tool.

14. Be consistent with the direction of the fluff.

15. Create a strip with the red clay and flatten. Take each end of the strip and bring to the center.

16. Create another strip of red clay and flatten. Gather at the center to form trailing ribbon ends. Attach bow to the top of trailing ribbon.

17. Attach bow to bear’s neck.

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