Monkey Pen Topper

Brown Hearty Clay
White Hearty Clay
Black Hearty Clay
Yellow Hearty Clay
Hearty Clay Color Scale tool
Hearty Clay Tools
Brown Chenille Stem
4” of ¼” Satin Ribbon for Bow
Tacky Glue/Low Temp Glue Gun

Mix Brown Hearty Clay with White Hearty Clay to make a lighter shade of brown, about 50/50 mix. Mix a shade of beige following the Hearty Clay Color Chart ( B of Yellow, A of Black and I of White).

Make a 1” ball of the mixed Brown clay for the head. Make two 3/8” balls of the mixed brown clay for the ears. Attach the ears to the sides of the head. Use the end of the pen to make circular indentions for the inner ears. Roll a 3/8” ballof the beige clay flat and shape for the monkey’s muzzle. Place muzzle on the bottom of the monkey’s face.

Use the Hearty clay tool to make a smiling mouth on the muzzle. Roll a thin piece of black clay and fill in the mouth indentions. Roll two 1/8” balls of White Heart clay and place above the muzzle for the eyes. Roll two tiny balls of Black Hearty Clay and place on the eyes for the pupils. Roll another tiny ball of Black and place below the eyes for the nose.

Stick one end of the chenille stem into the bottom of the monkey’s head, remove and add glue. Place chenille stem back into the hole. Make a bow with the ¼” ribbon and glue below the monkey’s chin.

Place the monkey’s head next to the end of the pen. Begin wrapping the chenille stem around the pen to secure. Curl the last 3” into a monkey’s tail.

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