Sugar Plum Fairy

True Red Hearty Clay #30030921
White Hearty Clay #30006454
Flesh Hearty Clay #30030920
2 – Black Seed Beads #30001031
2” x 4” Iridescent or similar Cellophane/Mylar #77900639
Hearty Clay Color Scale #77856054
Tacky Glue #77609875
Toothpicks or mini craft sticks #77676593
Crystal Glitter #77565952

Sugar Plum Fairy pattern

Using the Hearty Clay Color Scale, measure out two “I” balls of White Hearty Clay and a “C” ball of Red Hearty Clay. Mix
the clay together to get the pink color.

Form the pink colored clay; measure out one “H” and one “I” ball of clay. Roll together to make the body. Shape the clay
into a gumdrop shape or rounded cone about ¾” tall for the body. Set aside.

Measure out an “F” ball of pink clay. Roll into a log about ¾” long. Cut in the log in half. Round out each end of each log. These are the arms. Slightly curve the arms and attach to the upper front of the body. Use a little tacky glue if necessary. Measure out two “A” balls of Flesh Hearty Clay. Attach a ball to the end of each arm for the hands. Set aside.

Measure out an “H” ball of Flesh Hearty clay. Roll into a round ball for the head. Using the end of a toothpick, make two tiny holes in the center where the eyed should be. Place a tiny dot of glue in each hole and place a black seed bead in the hole for the eyes. Roll out two tiny balls of pink clay and flatten into 1/8” circles. Place on either side below the eyes for the cheeks.

Attach the head to the body using a piece of toothpick to hold together and a little tacky glue if necessary.

Roll the rest of the pink clay into a 1 ½” log. Measure out some white clay and roll out a similar log. Twist the two together to form a striped candy cane. Bend into the candy cane shape and trim ends. Round off the ends of the cane. Attach the candy cane to the front of the hands on the fairy. Use a little tacky glue if necessary.

Fold the iridescent cellophane/Mylar in half twice, making four layers. Place the wings pattern on along the folds as indicated. Cut out wings. Unfold cellophane/Mylar and separate into two double-wings and twist in the center. Make a
small hole in the back of the fairy with a toothpick. Add a little glue and stick the twisted center of the wings in place.
Fluff out the curved wings.

Brush on a little tacky glue on the candy cane and spots you want to highlight on the fairy. Sprinkle glitter on the glue
and let dry.

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