15 Minute Wreath

Wire hanger (bronze color from the dry cleaner)
One 6’ roll mini foliage (Gerson)
10” pumpkin pick (Allstate Floral and Craft Inc.)
Sheer 2.5”wide gold trimmed wired ribbon (mauve) (Gerson)
Wire cutters

1) Stretch and shape the hanger into a circle.
2) Use the pliers to bend the hook into a smaller (almost closed) circle for hanging.
3) Slip one looped wire end of the foliage over the hanger hook (onto the neck of the hanger).
4) Wrap the foliage around the hanger wire circle.
5) Secure the end of the foliage by slipping the other wire loop over the hanger hook.
6) Loosely wind the wired ribbon around the wreath, wrapping the ends around the hanger neck to anchor it.
7) Insert the pumpkin pick in between foliage and ribbon, bending stem to secure it, and cutting off excess.
8) Make a bow with the extra ribbon and tie it around the neck of the hanger.

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