Autumn Jasper Pearl Necklace

Nine ¾” x ¼” golden stick pearls
Forty-two ¼” autumn jasper round beads
40 gold-filled 1/8” daisy spacers
22 gold-filled 3mm nugget beads
2 gold-filled crimp beads
One 7/8” gold-filled s-hook clasp
2 gold-filled closed jump rings
28” gold colored 19-strand beading wire
Jewelry glue Tools
Crimping tool
Jeweler’s wire cutter

1) String about 4” of wire through the jump ring.
2) Pass both ends of wire through a nugget bead and a crimp bead.
3) Use the crimping tool to fasten the crimp bead.
4) Pass both ends of the wire through three nugget beads and tie two knots near the third bead.
5) Put a drop of glue on the knots before stringing on 7 more nugget beads.
6) Trim off the shorter wire.
7) Alternately string on 21jasper beads and 20 daisy spacers.
8) Next alternately string on 10 nugget beads and 9 stick pearls.
9) Continue by alternately stringing on 21 jasper beads and 20 daisy spacers.
10) String on 10 nugget beads, one crimp bead, and one nugget bead.
11) Pass the end of the wire through the second jump ring and then back through the last nugget bead, the crimp bead, and next three nugget beads.
12) Use the crimping tool to fasten the crimp bead before knotting the wire twice.
13) Apply a drop of glue to the knots and pass the wire through the next 7 nugget beads.
14) Cut off the wire end and attach the s-hook.

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