Sweet Treat Pin

Red Hearty Clay #77856005
White Hearty Clay #30006454
Hearty Clay Color Scale Tool #77856054
1” Bar Pin Back #77403337 or # 77126987
3” x 3” Clear Cellophane #77890350
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue sticks
Optional: Clear Tape

Using the hearty Clay Color Scale tool, measure out a “G” ball of Red Hearty Clay and a “G” ball of White Hearty Clay.

Roll each ball into a log about 4” long. Take the 2 logs and twist together into a braid. Roll the braid together to create a smooth striped cane.

Starting from one end of the striped cane, slowly roll the cane into a flat spiral circle, creating the peppermint candy. Roll until the circle is about the size of a quarter. Cut off the excess clay. Let dry.

Place the dried clay into the center of the cellophane. Fold the cellophane over the clay piece and twist each end closed, forming the candy wrapper. Use a small piece of clear tape to hold the cellophane closed if necessary. Glue the pin back onto the candy pin.

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