Valentine’s Paper Heart Box

12” x12” pink card stock
Two pieces of 4”x 5” printed (Valentine theme) card stock
Two 12” pieces of 3/8”wide American Crafts Valentine word ribbon
Two 3/8”heart buttons (Dress It Up) or ¼” heart brads
American Crafts Details adhesion layered felt cupcake(optional)
FabriTac Glue (Beacon)
Doodlebug pink glitter (optional)
Meriken tape
Craft knife
Bone folder for scoring (optional)
Awl or darning needle (optional)

1) Print off a copy of the box template and heart template.
2) Cut out the templates.
3) Trace the box template on the pink card stock.
4) Cut out the box and score the fold lines.
5) Use the craft knife to cut a slit 5/8”down on the side of the box where the flap will be inserted.
6) Apply tape to the flaps of the box and assemble the box.
7) Use heart template and cut out two hearts of printed card stock.
8) Tape the hearts to the box.
9) Glue the ends of the ribbon the sides of the box and glue the button over the glued end.
10) (Optional) If you prefer to use brads instead of buttons, use the awl to make holes in the ribbon end and through the box.
11) (Optional) The box can be embellished with a cupcake sticker (add glitter and dimensional glaze if desired). 12) Tie the ribbon pieces into a bow.

1) Use printed paper from the American Crafts Romance collection and cut two extra hearts from the leftover pink card stock and glue them to the back of the printed card stock (if it is not the two-sided type).
2) The printed foil/glittered 4.5 x 6.5 card stock stack ‘Jolie Chocolat’ from S.E.I. is ideal for this project. After forming the box, add glitter to the inside of the heart sides to add some extra glitz.

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