Bunny Bag

1 qty. Paper Gift Bag – White #30077958
1 qty. 8 ½” x 11” White Cardstock
1 qty. 4” x 7” Pink Cardstock for Inner Ears
1 qty. 4” x 5” Lt. Blue Cardstock for Eyes
1 qty. 1” x 2” Black Cardstock for Eyes
1 qty. 1” x 1 ½” Bright Pink Cardstock for Nose
3 qty. 26 g. White Cloth Covered Wire for Whiskers #77479352
Pop Up Glue Dots #30001511
3/16” Meriken Double Stick Tape #30013283
Black Sharpie Marker #91029
24” of Decorative Ribbon (1 ½” – 2”) for Bow
Pen/Pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Fiskars Paper Edger – Deckle #77406819
5/8” Circle Punch #30028691
¾” Circle Punch #30028718
Paper Piercer #30003198
Wire Cutters #77819151

Diagram 1

Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the patterns. Take the Fiskars paper edger and trim around the edges of the two white circles for the cheeks. Use the ¾” circle punch and punch out two circles from the lt. blue cardstock. Next, use the 5/8” circle punch to punch out two circles from black cardstock. Use the black Sharpie marker to outline each piece with a thin line.

Place the large lt. blue pieces for the eyes in front of you. Layer the white pieces for the eyes on top and adhere with tape. Place the black circles on top of the lt. clue circles that you punched out earlier. Take this layered piece and adhere to the bottom of the larger eye piece with pop up glue dots as in the pictured sample.

Place the white gift tote bag in front of you with the bottom folded to the back. Place the eyes on the bag and adhere with pop up glue dots.

Use the paper piercer to make three small holes in the cheeks as indicated on the pattern. Take the three pieces of cloth covered wire and twist together in the middle. Separate the wires ends. On one side, thread the ends of the wire through the holes in one cheek for whiskers. Do the same with the other ends of the wire and other cheek. Place the cheeks side by side, below the eyes and adhere with pop up glue dots. Place the heart shaped nose in the middle of the cheeks and adhere with a pop up glue dot. Trim wire whiskers as necessary.

Place the white ear pieces in front of you. Layer the pink inner ear pieces on top and adhere with double stick tape. Place ears at the top of the bag, slightly overlapping the handles. Adhere to the bag. Place the hairpiece below the ears and adhere with double stick tape.

Cut off about 6” of ribbon. Take the rest of the ribbon and make into a loopy bow. Take the 6” piece and use to tie in the middle. Attach the bow with a Pop Up Glue dot below the bunny’s face.

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