Egg Holder

½” x 7” Light Green Foamie #77613570
4” x 6” Felt Color #1 for the petals
4” x 6” Felt Color #2 for the petals
3” x 5 ½” Felt Color #2 for the petals
Plastic Easter Egg
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns.

Wrap the foamie strip around the middle of the plastic egg, overlapping the edges. Glue ends together. Remove from the egg.

Take two of the Color #1 Large Petals and overlap the tips about half an inch and glue together. Repeat with the other two Color #1 Large Petals . Layer and criss-cross the sets of petals, forming a cross. Glue together at the center. Center and place the foamie ring over the petals. Place the egg inside of the ring and slightly bring the ring up. Bring each petal up along the outer edge of the ring and glue to the ring. Remove the egg.

Pair the remaining petals and glue together at the tips. Take one glued pair of Color #2 Large Petals and place inside of the ring, placing the petals between the petals of Color #1. Glue to the center bottom. Take the other set of glued Color #2 Large Petals. Lay them across the inside of the ring and place between the other Color #1 petals. Glue in place at the center bottom. Repeat steps with the Color #2 Small Petals.
Allow tips of the petals to fall over the ring and form a “blossoming” opening to place the egg in.

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