Playtime Honu

1/3 yard Printed 44”/45” Fabric for body
3 – 9” x 12” Pirate Green Felt #77677005
9” x 12” Orange Felt #77676668
9” x 12” Lavender Felt #77676791
32” of Canary Jumbo Rickrack #77465914
Sewing Thread
Sewing Needle
Fiber Fill stuffing #77479717
Sewing Machine
Shiny Black Scribbles Paint #77528091
2 – 10mm Moving Eyes #77660845
Fabric Glue #77609941

Honu Patterns:
Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Pattern 4


Trace and cut out pieces from fabric and felt according to the patterns.

Place the two body pieces of fabric together, right sides together. Using a sewing machine. Sew completely the body with a ¼” seam. Carefully separate the layers of fabric in the center of the body. On one fabric side, make a slit in the fabric. Through the slit, turn the turtle body right side out. Stuff the turtle body with the stuffing. Thread a sewing needle and slipstitch the slit closed.

Take the rickrack and cut into four pieces 8” long. Place the rickrack pieces in a grid onto the top shell felt piece as indicated on the pattern. Glue in place.
Take the two felt under shell pieces and sew together, leaving the opening as indicated on the pattern. Center and glue the top shell piece on top of the under shell pocket piece. Center and glue the under shell piece over the closed slit on the turtle’s body.

Glue the bottom shell piece on the opposite side of the turtle’s body.

Glue the two moving eyes onto the turtle’s head. Use the black fabric paint and draw a mouth below the eyes and swirls on the ends of each foot for toes. Let dry.

Cut the orange and lavender felt into 12 each of 1” x 9” strips. Take 6 of each color and roll together for the game pieces. You should roll 6 with the orange on the outside and 6 with the lavender on the outside. Glue ends of the rolls to secure.

Use the rolls to play tic-tac-toe on the turtle’s top shell grid. Store the game pieces inside of the undershell pocket when you are not playing.

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