Shaggy Bear Pillow

1/3 yard of Shaggy Fleece, color choice
Thread to match
Sewing Needle
Marking Pen
Polyfil stuffing #7747971

Optional: Sewing Machine


To create the pattern for the bear- Take a page of newspaper and fold in half. Place the bear pattern on the fold as indicated on the pattern. Trace and cut out to get the full size pattern.

Unfold fabric so that the wrong side is face up. About 3” in from the selvage edge, place the bear pattern on the fabric. Trace the design onto the wrong side of the fabric with a marking pen. Remove pattern.

Fold fabric, right sides together, so that a second layer is under the bear pattern. Pin fabric together on the bear pattern. Do not cut out bear.

Sew fabric together along the marked outline of the bear, leaving an opening for stuffing. You can either use a sewing machine or you can hand sew which is how the sample was made.

To hand sew – Thread needle with coordinating thread. Carefully sew an up-and-down running stitch along the bear outline. After sewing around the bear, leaving an opening for the stuffing, you will reverse and sew in between the stitches. The result will have complete stitches all around without any gaps. Knot your ends securely.

Cut out sewn bear about ½” away from the stitched outline. Turn bear right side out. Stuff the bear through the opening. Even if you used a sewing machine, you will need to hand sew the opening closed. Thread needle and hand sew opening closed. Fold the seams in and whip stitch, catching both edges. Knot securely.

Now you can use your bear pillow on airplane trips!

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