Star Fleece Blanket

60″ fleece
-color 1 (Royal) – 2/3 yd
-color 2 (Lime) – 2/3 yd
-color 3 (Yellow) – 1/4 yd
Pinking rotary blade or pinking shears
Sewing Machine
Basic Sewing Supplies
Temporary adhesive spray
Wash-Away Wonder Tape basting tape

Cutting: Using pinking rotary blade or pinking shears cut:
-color 1 – 13 squares 8″ x 8″
-color 2 – 12 squares 8″ x 8″
-color 3 – 13 star appliques

You can print this star pattern if you like!

1) Make sure all quilt squares and applique pieces are right side facing up throughout construction. To determine the right side of fleece, pull along cut edge, on the crossgrain (direction of most stretch). Fleece will curl to the wrong side. Lightly spray temporary adhesive onto wrong side of Star applique and adhere to the center of Royal fleece. Edge-stitch applique in place. Repeat for all the blue squares.

2) Place basting tape on the right side of the fabric along the right edge of one Lime square. Place one appliqued Blue Square on top of the Lime Square, overlapping fleece edges 3/8″ and adhere.

3) Stitch lapped squares together using a long wide multiple zigzag stitch. (The Blue Square will become the upper left corner of the quilt). Repeat step 2, adhering the Lime Square to the next Blue Square.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until top quilt row is finished: Blue-Lime-Blue-Lime-Blue.

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