Tie Dye Egg

2” Paper Mache Egg #30021749
8” x 8” White Mulberry Paper #77698217
Adirondack Color Wash dyes by Ranger – assorted
Versamark ink pad #77169094
Clear Embossing Powder #3000 1634
Rubberstamps – your choice
Heat-it Craft Tool #30003773
Royal Coat Decoupage glue/sealer #77648964
Sparkle Glaze #77855908
Spray bottle of water
1” Sponge Brush #77527499
Craft Iron #3001 6866
Newsprint Paper #77404863

Rubberstamp your designs onto the mulberry paper with the Versamark ink pad. Sprinkle the clear embossing powder over the ink and shake off the excess. Following the manufacturer’s directions, heat emboss your stamped images.

Lightly spray small areas of the mulberry paper with different Color Wash dyes to get the tie-dye effect. Take the spray bottle of water and lightly spritz the mulberry paper. This will lighten the dyes and blend the colors.

Place the mulberry paper between sheets of newsprint paper. Iron the paper to dry the mulberry paper and set the dyes. Remove the mulberry paper from the between the newsprint paper.

Tear the mulberry paper into small pieces to cover the egg. Brush a coat of decoupage glue onto the egg and place a piece of mulberry paper on. Keep adding mulberry paper, overlapping the edges, until the egg is covered. Let egg dry.

Brush on a coat of Sparkle glaze. Let egg dry.

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