Valentine’s Day Heart Pillow

This project courtesy of Fiskars
These pillows were designed by Alice Disney Huelskamp

Lisa Pink ( 2084) Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint
Bright Red (2503) Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint
Rubber Stampede® Wood Handle Stamps*
Checkerboard Heart (A2243C)
Swirl Heart Open (A2106E)
Flower Heart (2688E)
Delta Stencil Mania™ Love Stack Stencil (979070308)
Delta Stencil Magic Adhesive Spray
Delta Stencil Magic ¼” Stencil Brush
Delta Stamp and Stencil Sponges
Delta Jewel Glue
Checked pillows
Fabric scraps
Assorted trim and buttons
Paper plate
Paper towels

*Note: You can substitute and use any Valentine stamps of your choice.

These pillows were designed by Alice Disney Huelskamp.

Take a moment to review all instructions on product packaging before beginning any project.

Directions for the Love Pillow
Cut white fabric to fit on the pillow. Apply Delta Stencil Magic Stencil Adhesive to the back of the stencil. Smooth in place. Pour out a puddle of Bright Red and Lisa Pink Ceramcoat on the plate. Dip the brush in the Bright Red. Wipe excess off on a paper towel. Using a swirling motion stencil the words and small dots in the border. Clean the brush making sure all the excess water is out of the brush.

Pour out a puddle of Lisa Pink on the plate. Stencil the hearts and the border Lisa Pink.

Carefully remove the stencil. Reposition the stencil and stencil hearts on the background with Bright Red and Lisa Pink.

Glue the stenciled fabric on the center of the pillow. Glue rickrack around the patch and buttons on the corner using Delta Jewel Glue.

Directions for the Heart Patchwork Pillow
Cut a piece of red pattern fabric to fit the top of the pillow. Cut 3 smaller scraps of white fabric referring to the photo for size and placement.

Pour out a puddle of Bright Red on the plate. Dip a sponge into the paint and pat off excess on the plate. Using an up and down pouncing motion apply paint to Rubber Stampede Wood Handle Stamp of your choice, or refer to photo for design suggestions. Stamp the images repeatedly on the white fabric referring to the photo for placement.

Glue the large fabric onto the pillow and the white patches on top of it.

Add buttons, trims and tassels as desired.

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