Boo Pin

6 pcs. of 3” x 3” Cheesecloth #77650903
2 – 7mm Moving eyes #77660837
8” each of 1/8” ribbon in black and orange or similar
1” Pin Back #77403337 / #77126987
Low temp Glue Gun #77536417 & Glue Sticks #77533638

Separate the layers of cheesecloth. Carefully drape the cheesecloth pieces over your finger to form the ghost. Place each layer on one at a time, keeping the top sort of rounded for the “head”. Trim the edges if the cheesecloth to make the ghost about 1 ½” tall. Carefully pull along the edges if the cheesecloth to give it a more frayed look.

Place the two 7mm moving eyes below the top of the head and glue in place. Make a loopy bow with the ribbons and glue below the eyes, where the chin should be. Glue a pin back behind the ghost.

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