Bouncing Spider

2″ black pom pom #30006988
2 – black chenille stems # 77669721
8″ of wooden dowel #77187542
2 – 6mm red facet beads #30006145
27″ of white elastic thread #77531731
Black acrylic paint #77624890
Foam paintbrush #77527499
Large blunt needle
Wire cutters
Low temp glue gun & glue sticks

Fold each chenille stem in half and cut. Bend each chenille stem into a “W” shape. Glue the top point of the “W” onto the pom pom. Glue all 4 pieces in a row for the spider’s legs. Bend each end of the chenille stems downwards to form the spider’s legs.Turn the pom pom over so that it is now standing on it’s legs.

Glue the 2 red 6mm facet beads to one side of the pom pom for the spider’s eyes.

Thread the elastic onto the needle. Pierce the pom pom from the bottom center of the spider and coming out on the top. Remove the needle and tie several knots on the loose end of the thread. Use a little glue to secure knot to the pom pom. Tie the top end of the elastic thread to the middle of the dowel.

For a party decoration, you can attach the dowel to a gift bag. Glue a piece of decorative paper onto one side of the bag for background. Pierce to sets of holes towards the top of the bag below the handles. Use wire or string to make a loop between the holes on each side. Tie the loose ends inside of the bag. Wind up the spider so that the elastic is about a little shorter. Slip the ends of the dowels into the loops on the bag to attach. Let the spider hang in front of the bag.

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