Cookie Cutter Candles


Designed by Cheryl Ball

Delta Gel Candles™ Project Packs: Crystal Clear, Topaz, Garnet, and Amethyst
Delta Gel Candles™ Special Effects: Pearl Powder
Assorted Halloween cookie cutters – metal or plastic
Large glass plate
Bamboo skewers
Glass plates
Non-stick sauce pan
Metal spoon
Paper towels

Basic tips – To remove gel from pouch, cut three sides and peel back the plastic. Tear up the gel into 2 – 3″ chunks and place in the pan. It will melt faster. Always use a low heat for melting, gel should never smoke – remove from heat immediately and cool. Have paper towels handy to wipe edge of pan after pouring so it does not drip down the side of the pan and onto the burner.

Each pouch of gel will make two to three candles depending on size of the cutters.

Place the cookie cutter in the center of a glass plate. Carefully pour the melted gel into the cookie cutter. The glass will cool the gel quicker and any spills can be peeled off and returned to the pot for further melting. Caution – a metal cookie cutter will be hot from the melted gel.

Pumpkin shape – Melt Topaz gel in the pan, add a few small chucks of Garnet Gel into the pan and melt – this will create an orange color. Spoon a small amount of the gel onto a white plate to check for color. Adjust as needed by adding more small chunks of the Garnet until the desired color is achieved. Fill the cutter as per instructions.

When cooled, carefully removed from the cutter. Any mishaps can be melted and poured again.

Trim the wick – included in the package – to about 3 ” or so. Push wick up from the back of the candle into the center of the candle and place on glass plate.

The candles can also float in water if desired for a different look.

Never leave candles unattended and be sure to read and understand all safety instructions on the package label.

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