Fall Gallery Glass Vase

8 ¾” Glass Cylinder Vase #7774570
Gallery Glass Liquid Leading #77538637
Pumpkin Orange Gallery Glass Paint #77573485
Orange Poppy Gallery Glass Paint #77536136
Sunny Yellow Gallery Glass Paint #77536128
Cocoa Brown Gallery Glass Paint #77536151
Kelly Green Gallery Glass Paint #77536169
Piece of glass surface (ex. from picture frame)
Masking tape #77566190
Sharp Point Pin

Leaf Designs for tracing

Wash vase thoroughly and let dry completely. Set aside.

Tape around the edges of the glass piece for safety. Make sure glass surface is clean and dry. Place glass over the leaf design so that you can see design. Trace design onto glass with the liquid leading. Move glass over and trace another leaf design with the leading. Repeat until you have about five to seven leaves. Let leading dry.

Note: Do not shake the Gallery Glass paints, this will create air bubbles.

Color in the outlined leaf designs by squeezing out the colorful Gallery Glass paints within the leading. Draw colors into each other by dragging the sharp pinpoint through the paints. Use the sharp pinpoint to also pop any air bubbles. Let dry.

When the designs are completely dry, you should be able to carefully lift the designs off of the glass. Take the leaves and place around the cylinder vase. They should just stick on like window clings.

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