Frankie Box

Small “Take Out” Container Box – Accucut
1 – Green Cardstock (Lime Green / Grass Green) #77301788 / 77302125
2 – 15mm Moving Eyes #77613620
2 – ½” Wood Spools #77614917
1 – Black Chenille Stem #77669721
2 x 4” – Black Foamie #77613620

Double stick Tape 1/8”
Hole Punch #77178541
Acrylic Paint – Silver #77_____
1” Foam Paint Brush #10109
Decocolor Paint Pen – White #77659367
Black Sharpie Marker
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Diagram 1

1. Paint the wood spools with the silver paint and let them dry.
2. Using the small “Take Out Box” die, cut out one box from the green cardstock.
3. Punch 2 holes on either side of the box.
4. Use the double stick tape to assemble the box.
5. When the paint on the spools have dried, hot glue them on either side of box, right under the punched holes. 6. Trace and cut out shapes from black foamie.
7. Hot glue them onto the front of the box along with the 15mm moving eyes.
8. Use the black sharpie and white paint pen to make stitches on face.
9. Place one end of the black chenille stem into a hole and from inside the box, coil the end. Do the same on the other side of stem.

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