Frankie Wheatberry

Wheat Berry Grass Garden Kit 30023661
4″ clay pot 77942433
4″ saucer liner 77788133
Wrought Iron Black Patio Paint 30000025
Mistletoe Green Patio Paint 30000050
Sterling Silver Patio Paint 30000039
Petunia Purple Patio Paint 30000033
2 -15 mm round moving eyes 77660928
½” furniture button 77612846
½” wooden spools 77614917
Black deco color pen 77659409
White deco color pen 77659367
E6000 glue

With a pencil, sketch Frankie’s hair (refer to diagram A). With the Wrought Iron Black, paint the hair area. Paint the remaining area with
Mistletoe Green paint (this is Frankie’s skin color). Let dry.

Paint the wooden flowerpots or whatever wood-turnings you are using as Frankie’s neck bolts with Sterling Silver paint. Paint the furniture button (Frankie’s nose) with Petunia Purple. Let dry.

Using E6000, glue the nose in the middle of Frankie’s face (green area). Glue the moveable eyes above the nose. Glue the neck bolts on the bottom of the face (see the photograph for placement). With the black Deco color pen, draw eyebrows above the eyes and a mouth under the nose. With the white Deco color pen, draw a square on the mouth to represent a tooth. You can also draw stitches (refer to diagram B) on Frankie’s face and on the base of his neck (green area below hairline).

Place the plastic saucer liner inside the clay pot. It should be sitting just in the rim (top portion) of the pot. Plant the wheatberry grass in the liner (follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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