Glass Cube Frankie and Pumpkin

Glass Ornaments (cube and mini squished glass)
Pumpkin Face
Vinyl Black Painty Pen
Orange Ribbon
Green Filler Balls
Googly Eyes
Aleeneā€™s Tacky Glue

On the mini squished glass ornament apply the pumpkin face vinyl. Fill the ornament with orange ribbon. Tie a loop of ribbon from the ornament top to hang. Tip! Use a skewer stick or dowel to poke the ribbon down into the ornament.

Use the painty pen to draw a jagged line around the top third of the cube ornament. This will be the hair line. Color with the painty pen from the hairline to the top of the ornament to fill it in completely. Draw a squiggly cartoon smiley face. Let paint dry completely. Glue on a green sparkle filler ball for the nose. Glue on the googly eyes. Fill the ornament with green sparkle filler balls.

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