Halloween Treat Bag

3” x 9” Purple Felt
1½” x 2” Orange Felt
1½” x 1.5” Green Felt
½” x 1” Brown Felt
15” of ¼” ribbon or yarn, etc.
Black fine tip permanent marker
Low Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Lay the felt strip down and fold in half lengthwise, leaving ½” longer on the bottom. This should form a pocket about 3” x 4.5”. Glue the sides up to form the bag; the fold will be on the bottom.

Trace and cut the pieces from felt according to the patterns. Glue the brown stem onto the center of the bag. Glue the pumpkin below the stem, overlapping a little. Glue the leaves by the stem. Use the black fine tip permanent marker to add details to the pumpkin, like a jack ‘o lantern face.

Turn the bag over to the back. Measure 1.5” down from the top. Center and glue the ribbon at this mark, about 1” in the middle. Let the ends of the ribbon fall to the sides. Turn the bag to the front and gather each end of the ribbon. Tie ribbon ends, cinching & closing the bag’s opening.

Place your treats in the bag before, closing.

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