Lil’ Friendly Ghost

White Hearty Clay #30006454
Black Acrylic Paint #77624890
White Acrylic Paint #77624882
Bittersweet Orange Acrylic Paint #77627810
Hearty Clay Color Scale #77856054
Hearty Clay 3-Pc. Tool Set #77361006
Fine paintbrush

Using the Hearty Clay Color Scale, measure out three “H” balls of white Hearty Clay. Roll into one big ball. Pinch the ball in the middle and start to roll the ends separately. Make one end round like a ball for the head. One the other end, start to flare it out like a cone for the body. The “pinched” middle is the ghost’s neck.

Flare out the bottom body and make the edges wavy. On both sides of the neck, pinch out some clay to form the hands. Use the pictured sample as a guide.

Use the rounded end of a tool to make two holes in the head for the eyes. Dip a little black acrylic paint into each hole and let dry. Add a tiny drop of white paint to the eyes for accent. Let dry. Use the end of the paint brush to make dip dot cheeks with the orange paint. Use the Sharpie marker to draw a squiggly smile between the cheeks.

Let clay dry completely.

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