Graduation Centerpiece

9×12 Felt – 2 ea school colors, 1 ea flesh
5-in Satin edge ribbon 5/8in width (school colors)
12 in Satin ribbon 1/4in width (school colors)
2 ea – 10 mm Wiggle eyes 30055157
2inx2in white paper or white felt for diploma
3inx3in Cardstock coordinating color with felt
1 ea – 5inx7in Black cardstock (hair)
Double-stick tape 1/4in 30013284
Dimensional paint Scribbles; black 77528091 & pink 77528166
Candies (miniature size)
Optional: Flower and star brad for embellishment
Sharp Scissors
Felt marker (to trace pattern onto felt)
Glue gun and glue sticks

Diagram 1
Diagram 2

Trace and cut out felt and cardstock pieces follow instructions on the patterns.

Face: Glue wiggle eyes. Use the Scribble paint to draw 2 pink hearts for cheeks and use black to outline the mouth. Set aside allow to dry.

Body: Take the body (back) piece and glue 2 arms on each sides of the body. Glue the 2 feet at the bottom. Take the font piece of body, use double-stick tape to adhere the 5/8in ribbon at the center of the body. Double-stick tape smaller strip of ribbon on top of the first ribbon trim access ribbons. Put the two pieces of body together, glue along the 2 sides. Open the bottom end; attach the base piece to the body glue along the edges.

Head: Glue the lapel under the chin. Position the hair bang above the ears and glue in place. Take the back piece of hair and glue to the back (for boy grad trim hair as desire). Glue the grad cap base to the front and the back of head. Top of cap-Use double-stick tape to adhere felt square to the color cardstock. Glue the square cap piece on top of head. Glue tassel to cap. Optional: glue star brad at the center of cap.

Finishing Touches: Roll diploma using white felt or white paper, tie the diploma with ribbon and glue to hand. For girl grad centerpiece, glue flower to one side of ear. Fill the body with candies, lift up the head and insert candies through the circle hole.

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