Graduation Frame

9” x 7” MDF frame
Acrylic Paint, school colors
Pep Rally Sticker – Varsity Letters
Pep Rally Stickers – Varsity Numbers
Pep Rally Stickers – Marching Band or Varsity Jacket
Glue Dots #30001509
1” Sponge Brush #1019
Sea Sponge 377514083
Acrylic Varnish #77628073

Remove the backing and glass from the frame. Wipe frame surface clean. Use the foam brush to paint the frame with the acrylic paint. You can paint the frame a solid color as in the All Star Frame or you can use the sea sponge to sponge paint several colors as in the Marching Band Frame. Let paint dry. Brush on a coat of clear varnish. Let dry.

Decide on a phrase to put on the frame such as ALL STAR, school initials, etc. Use the Pep rally Varity letters and numbers to add your phrase to the frame.

Arrange the varsity Jacket or Marching Band uniform on the frame. Adhere the jacket with glue dots. Add other embellishments, as you desire.

Replace the glass. Ad photo and replace the frame backing.

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