Graduation Gown Card

Kimono Die (AccuCut NC616J)
Double-stick Tape or Glue
1/8” Ribbon*
Specialty Yarns” (Nani, Nohea, etc.)
Treats or Sweets*

Use School or Class colors for your cardstock.

Cut a complete gown in the primary cardstock color and a collar with a secondary color cardstock from the AccuCut Kimono die. Using double-stick tape or glue, attach the collar to the front corresponding area of the gown. The front of gown can be stamped or embellished with picture, school logo, message, or as desired.

Favor: Fold at the score lines. Fill a favor bag with sweets or use a small bag of sweets, such as M&Ms and attach to the inside back of the gown with double-stick tape. The gown can be free-standing by linking the front and back sides.

Card: Print your invitation/ congratulations/message on separate paper and attach to the inside back of the gown. The gown sides can be cut off at the score lines or left whole as desired.

*Create a braided mini-ribbon lei with 1/8” ribbon or short strands of specialty yarn twisted or crocheted together creates another lei! Embellish as desired.

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