Graduation Keepsakes Box

Photo Storage Box
Mulberry Paper
Royal Coat Decoupage Glue/Sealer #77648964
1” Foam Brush #77527499
Printed Papers

Note: The sample was made using Red Mulberry paper #3001 2154 and the following printed papers
– Golden Stars #30024861
– Heidi Grace pyo funky square 505 #30034123
– Heidi Grace pyo mosaic 506 #30034124
– words 752 #30028135.

Note: You can leave some of the original photo box cover showing or completely cover it as in the sample.

Place box cover onto the mulberry paper as if wrapping a present and cut to fit. Adhere the mulberry paper to the cover with the decoupage glue/sealer. Fold the edges in to make a neat corner. And fold mulberry paper over the edge to the inside of the cover and adhere. Do the same for the bottom of the box. Tear pieces of the printed paper and place on the sides of the box and cover. Position the pieces and adhere when you like the design. Do the same with the word/phrases paper. Since this is for a graduate, use inspirational and happy words/phrases. Tear pieces of the mulberry paper and overlap some of the printed paper edges. Create a collage look all over the photo box using the decoupage glue to adhere and seal the papers. Let dry. Use box to store prom bids, photos and other memorabilia form your school days.

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