Witchy Kitty

1 qty. 6” glass Bubble Bowl #77774612
2 qty. 9” x 12” Orange Felt #30061435 for Hat
1 qty. 3” x 3” Yellow Felt #77676676 for Hat decoration
1 qty. 3” x 5” Black Felt #77676643 for ears
1 qty. 2” x 3” Pink Felt #77676718 for inner ears
1 qty. 3 ½” x 3 ½” White Foamie #77613612 for eyes
1 qty. 1” x 2” Black Foamie #77613620 for eyes
1 qty. 1” x 1” Pink Foamie #77613596 for the nose
3 qty. 6” of 20 gauge Black Wire #77187039 for the whiskers
Black Acrylic Paint #77624890
Leaf Green Acrylic Paint #77626440
Sparkle Glaze #77855908
Sharp Scissors
Low temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
1” Foam Brush #10109
Wire Cutter

Diagram 1
Diagram 2

Wash and completely dry the glass bubble bowl.

Paint the outside of the bowl with the black acrylic paint. Let dry. Brush on a coat of Sparkle Glaze. Let dry.

Trace and cut out pieces from foamie and felt according to the patterns. Take the two smaller white foamie circles and paint them with the Leaf green Acrylic paint. Let dry and set aside.

To make the hat – Take one piece of orange felt. Lift one of the 9” edges and bring it across diagonally and align with the 12” edge. Glue the edges together like a seam. This will start to form a cone. Trim off the excess felt on the bottom. Take the orange felt circle “donut” you cut out earlier and place it over the top of the felt cone. Bring it down until it sits around nicely for the hat brim. From under the brim, carefully glue the brim to the hat, going completely around the hat. Trim off the excess felt on the bottom of the cone. Hold the edges of the hat brim with both hands and carefully pull, stretching the felt to make it wavy, repeat and go around the whole brim of the hat. Glue the yellow stars onto the hat.

Place the hat on top of the opening of the painted black bubble bowl.

Center the pink felt inner ears onto the black felt ears, aligning the straight edges. Glue in place. Put a dot of glue in the center at the bottom and pinch the felt together.

Place an ear on either side of the hat on the brim. Glue to the hat as shown pictured in the sample.

Place the painted green foamie circles onto the white foamie circles and glue in place. Place the black foamie circles on the green circles and glue in place. Place both onto the front of the painted bubble bowl for the eyes and glue in place.

Take the black wire pieces and hold together. Twist together in the center to hold them all in place. Curl in the sharp ends of the wire. Slightly curl the wires as desired. Place under the eyes and use a lot of glue to hold it in place. Glue the pink foamie nose over the middle to hide the glue.

Fill with treats to use as a centerpiece.

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