Decoupage Canvas

Mod Podge or Decoupage medium (matte 77501718)
Canvas 5x7in #77367573
1 sheet – 12x12in paper (Choice of print-sample used Cloud 9 Chocolate Chalet Razzberry swirl #12-72884)
One 4×6 photograph • One 4×6 heavy weight cardstock (to support the back of the photograph
Embellishment of your choice (Sample used Cloud 9 Chocolate Chalet Collection ribbon #12-72934, epoxy brads #12-73151, chipboard sticker #12-72934
Foam brush 1” #10109
Pop dots #30008289
Meriken double-stick tape 1/4” width #30013284
Paper trimmer
Damp cloth Keep a damp cloth handy to wipe off excess Mod Podge and to help press down the edges of paper

• Trim the paper to size 7.5”x9.5”.
• Use the foam brush to completely coat the back of the paper with Mod Podge medium. Also put an even thin layer of Mod Podge medium on the canvas surface and sides.
• Place the paper on the canvas. Start from the center of the paper and work your way out use your finger or damp cloth to gently to push out wrinkles and excess Mod Podge medium. Cover the sides of canvas use the scissors to clip the corners for smooth folds.
• Coat the paper completely with Mod Podge medium. Let this dry completely.
• Optional: You can continue to add coats of Mod Podge medium until you get the desired results.
• Apply double-stick tape to the 4×6 cardstock; tape to the back of the photograph.
• Apply pop dots to the back of the photo (along the edges). Peel away the paper back from the pop dots; place the photo on the canvas position the photo slightly to the right side.
• Cut a piece of ribbon 7” in length. Apply double-stick tape to the back side of ribbon, peel away the backing and tape ribbon vertically across the canvas (see picture for position of the ribbon).
• Decorate the canvas with the chipboard stickers and epoxy brads. Add extra personal touches and make it your own.

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