Feeling Lucky Canvas

RIGID WRAP feeling luckyPDF Instructions
16” x 20” Canvas #77511386
Rigid Wrap #77660076
12” Latex Balloon #77659286
Water in a bowl/dish
Acrylic Paint – Bright Red #77624866
Acrylic Paint – Black #77624890
Acrylic Paint – Bright Green
2 – 25mm Moving eyes #30055161
Black Chenille stem #77669721
2 – Black 1” pom poms #30006981
String or ribbon about 12” long

Sharp Scissors
1” foam brush #10109
Thin tip Paintbrush
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

NOTE: Read the instructions on the Rigid Wrap packaging first.

Take the latex balloon and blow it up to about 8” – 10” long. Tie the 12” length of ribbon or string to the knotted end. This is for hanging the balloon to dry later.

Cut the Rigid Wrap into strips and a few triangles. The triangles are great for filling in areas and wrap around the balloons curvature well.

Dip a Rigid Wrap piece into the bowl of water. Run the piece between two fingers to remove the excess water. Place wet Rigid Wrap onto the balloon. Continue adding more Rigid Wrap until the balloon is covered. Hang the balloon from the string to dry.

When the Rigid Wrap is completely dry, carefully loosen from the balloon and deflate the balloon. Cut the piece in half. One half is one ladybug. Fold the bottom cut edge inward about an inch.

Using the pictured sample as a guide, paint the ladybug with the black and red paints. Let dry.

Place the two moving eyes onto the ladybug and glue on. Cut the black chenille stem in half. Glue a 1” black pom pom to one end of each chenille stem. Using the tip of the sharp scissors, pierce two holes above the eyes where the antennae would go. Glue a pom pom topped chenille stem into each hole for the ladybug’s antennae.

Finishing- Paint the canvas with the bright green acrylic paint, let dry. Place the ladybug on the canvas, towards the upper left corner. Glue in place by gluing the folded in 1” along the bottom of the ladybug to the canvas. Use the thin paintbrush and the black paint to write “feeling lucky” on the lower right corner.

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