Hearty Clay Rose

HeartyRosePDF Instructions

Hearty® Clay, choice of colors
Crafty foam cone shape
18 gauge floral wire
Leaf mold

Color Scale
Cling wrap or Resealable plastic bag

1. Mix clay to desired color. Insert floral wire into the foam shape.
2. To make petals; roll clay into teardrop shape and place clay in your palm.
3. Spread the clay evenly across your palm in a fan shape. Make 5 petals.
4. Place the first petal on the foam 1/8” above the tip of the foam, making sure the thin edge is facing up.
5. Place the second petal slightly higher than the first petal.
6. Place the rest of the rose petals and form a rosebud.
7. Continue to make more petals and add it to the rose.
8. To make leaves; roll clay into teardrop shape, slightly flatten. Place clay on the leaf mold and flatten.
9. Attach leaves to the rose.


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