Fingerprint Art


PDF Instructions Here

Fingerprint Art
Creative Idea by Joy S.

Supplies & Tools:
1 qty. 4” x 6” Mixed Media paper or Watercolor Paper
Ink Pad – Just For Kids Black #30025352
Watercolors (paints or pencils)
Micron Pigma Ink Marker .05 Black #77414987 or similar
Paper Towels
Cup of water for the watercolors

Use your fingerprints to create shapes for your picture. Lightly press your finger
onto the ink pad. Press onto the paper. Make as many fingerprints as you want,
planning what your picture will look like.

Use the Micron Pigma Marker to draw in finer details on the fingerprints such as
eyes and mouths.

Add color to your fingerprints and the background using the watercolor paints
or pencils.

If you are using the watercolor pencils, color in with the pencils then add water
to soften and spread the color. Or, you can create a pint palette by scribbling
some color on a paper and add water to make little “paint pots”.

TIP: You can use the paper towel to blot off the watercolor and lighten the
color. You can then go over and add more color.

Let the painting dry and display.

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