Cell Phone Card

PDF instructions herehero art iphone

Hero Arts Cling Stamp set LOL (Cell Phone) #30147727 and acrylic block
1 qty.     3” x 5” White Cardstock per cell phone image
1 qty.    Blank Card #1– at least 4.25” x 5.5” to accommodate cell phone image
1 qty.    Card #1 – 4” x 5.25” Printed cardstock for mat layer
1 qty.     Blank Card #2– at least 6” x 6” to accommodate 2 cell phone images
1qty.     Card #2 – 5.5” x 5.5” printed Cardstock for mat layer
1 qty .    2 .25” x 3.5” Light Blue cardstock for cell phone background OR
Color Copies of photo images per cell phone image
Versafine Ink Pad – Black # 30025144
Scrap white cardstock for “text” message bubbles
Bright green & light grey markers to color text message bubbles
3/16” Meriken Double Stick Tape #30013283
Pop Dots (foam) #30008288
Optional: Black marker for touch ups on stamped cellphone image

Sharp Scissors

Stamp cell phone image onto the white cardstock. Use a black marker to touch up the color if the stamping is not even. Cut out the center of the cell phone.

Place either a photo image or the light blue cardstock behind the cut out and tape to the back.

If you used a photo, your cell phone is ready to mount onto the front of the card. Center and tape the printed cardstock to the front of the black card. Place the cell phone image on to the card front and adhere with double stick tape or use Pop Up dots to raise the image.

If you used the light blue cardstock, then you want to create a text message conversation. Stamp some speech bubbles onto the white cardstock. Figure out what you want to say and color the speech bubbles from the left side with the grey marker. Color the right side speech bubbles with the bright green marker. NOTE: You can also use your computer to print out custom speech lines. Then, stamp over with the blank speech bubbles.

Cut out the speech bubbles. Arrange onto the light blue background and tape in place. Place cellphone onto the card front and tape in place.

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