Fox Friendly Notebook

fox bookPDF instructions here
1 qty.    Recycled RTD Swivel Notebook #30107920
1 qty.     4 1/8” x 4 1/8” Solid Cardstock for cover
2 qty.    3” x 3” Beige/Cream Cardstock for face and tail
1 qty.     2” x 2” Beige/Cream  Cardstock for “heart” chest
1 qty.    3” x 3” Reddish Brown Cardtstock for the head and ears
2 qty.    2 1/2” x 2 1/2” Reddish Brown Cardstock for the body and paws
1 qty.    2” x 2” Black Cardstock for the eyes and nose
Galaxy Marker – White Broad #30065775
Meriken 1/4” Double Stick Tape #30013284
Mini Glue Dots #30001510
Craft Glue Dot #30001508

Sharp Scissors
2 1/2” Oval Punch – Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Pink #30028753
2” Oval Punch – Marvy Uchida Clever Lever  Blue #30028743
1 1/2” Heart Punch – Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Yellow #30095871
Standard (approx. 5/8”) Oval Punch – Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Orange #30028696
5/16” Circle Punch – EK Success #30100069
Optional: Mini Screwdriver Kit

Unscrew the metal post of the notebook, using a mini screwdriver if necessary. Remove the cover to decorate and set the rest on the side for later.

Use double stick tape to adhere the 4 1/8” x 4 1/8” cardstock to the blank cover. Use your scissors to trim and round the corners.

Punch one 2 1/2” oval from the beige cardstock, set aside. Punch one 2 1/2” oval from the reddish brown cardstock. Holding the punch upside down, re-insert the punched oval and punch out two sections on either side to create the head. Place this piece on top of the beige 2 1/2” oval, aligning the edges and tape together.

Make the ears from the punched out sections by cutting 1/2” in from the pointed end.  Place the ears behind the head and tape in place.

Punch three 5/16” circles from the black cardstock. Using the photo of the finished sample as a guide, place the eyes and nose on the face and use mini glue dots to tape in place. Use the White Galaxy Marker to make a small dot in each eye for a highlight.

Punch another 2 1/2” circle from the reddish brown cardstock. Re-insert the punch oval along one lengthwise side of the oval. Punch to create an elongated oval for the tail.

Putting the fox together on the cover:
Punch a 2” oval from the reddish brown cardstock for the body. Place lengthwise. Punch a 1 1/2” heart from beige cardstock and tape to the 2” oval for the “heart” chest. Place the head above body and tape in place. Tuck the tail piece behind the body on either side and tape in place. Punch four 5/8” ovals and place two on the top sides of the heart for the paws.  Place the other two at the bottom of the body for the feet.

Use the tip of the scissors to make a hole in the cover where the screw goes. Replace the screw and put the notebook back together.

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