Plarn-ation Flower

PDF Instructions Here


Plarn-ation Flower

Plarn twine in two colors
3” x 5” wide sturdy cardboard
18 gauge floral wire stem # 77479279
5 or more Satin Leaves #30070956
Green floral Tape #77479402

Sharp Scissors
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Choose which color you want for the main flower (color A) and which one
you want for the flower center (color B).

Take the plarn in the flower center color (color B) and wrap it around the 3” height of
the cardboard, 20 times. Cut off excess.

Next, take the plarn in the main flower color (color A) and wrap it around 80 times or
more if you want a fuller flower.

Take a piece of plarn about 12” long and slip it under the wrapped plarn on one side
of the cardboard. Gather the ends up and tie together, tightly cinching the bundle of
wrapped plarn. Slip the cardboard out.

Holding the tied section at the bottom, cut apart the loops of plarn. Take another 12”
piece of plarn and wrap around the bundle of plarn just above the knotted area, almost
looks like a tassle. Tie off securely and trim off excess.

Take the 18 gauge floral wire and sip it through the cinched area and bend in half to
make the stem of the flower.

Take 5-6 satin leaves and glue to the cinched area for the flower’s calyx. Glue one leaf at
a time with the tip of the leaf on the top and the wire aligning with the floral stem wire.

Slightly overlap the sides of the leaves as you glue them on.

Wrap the stem with floral tape. TIP: Start with the floral tape about an inch below the
bottom of the flower. Wrap and work your way upwards to the bottom of the flower,
then wrap your way down the stem, adding satin leaves if desired.

Trim the plarn to shape the flower. You may want to trim the center color shorter to
make it stand out more in the flower.


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