Hearty Clay Cupcakes & Lollipops


hearty clay cupcake

Lollipop Supplies:
Hearty Clay in two colors
Lollipop Sticks
Parchment Paper (wax paper)

1: Roll out the Hearty clay on the parchment paper into a strand about 1/4” thick and about 20” long. Do this with both colors so that you have on strand of each.

2: Gently press the two strands together and twist it, wrapping it around into a spiral.

3: Poke the lollipop stick straight through starting at the base of the lollipop and up about 3/4 way up.

Cupcake Supplies:
Hearty Clay
Cupcake liners
Clay Roller
Parchment Paper (Wax paper)
Icing Tips
Low Temp Hot Glue Gun
Cupcake Pan

1: Roll the Hearty Clay out on the parchment paper in a stripe about 3”wide and 8” long and 1/8” thick. This will be used for the inside of the cupcake. When pressing the clay to the inside of the liner, use about 10 liners at once to give it stability so that the paper won’t wrinkle. Press the clay onto the sides of the liner and just tear off any excess. Let dry overnight.

2: To make the top of the cupcake, roll out a circle to about 1/8” thick and shape it into a dome. You can press it onto upside down cupcake liners to get the right shape. Once it is dry, use scissors to shape the edges to fit the cupcake base. Let dry overnight.

3: Use the Icing tips to make the icing top of the cupcake. Simply press the clay through the tips using your finger or thumb. Twist the “Icing” to make the desired look. Let dry overnight.

4: Once everything is dry, use your low temp hot glue gun to attach all the pieces together. If you need to, use scissors to trim any unneeded clay.

Tip: Use acrylic paints after the clay has hardened to get different colors.

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